Transport insurance covers goods in transit, properly packaged and shipped to international transport, we ensure all types of product, excluding bulk cargoes and objects such as jewelry or weapons, among others.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is insuring?

We insure all those goods traveling under the export regime of consumption and not requiring temperature control.
They are all of which, at normal temperature, loses their intrinsic quality. The transport of perishable goods is developed with the administration of cold. They usually suffer the risks of any general good, but also are added the inherent risks of cutting the cold chain. The risks of perishable goods are covered with our policy, providing an insurance to cover any eventuality to the final delivery. It is something to take in mind because the perishable coverage includes, among other things, cutting the cold chain, but NOT the nature of the thing and the delays in transport.

Knowing the risks that can occur in transit of goods (theft, collision, fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, tsunami and other natural catastrophes of all other risks involved) is important to take a transport good insurance because in the case of perishable goods, it adds the need to have coverage COURT OF THE COLD CHAIN.

Q: What is the duration?

The insurance cover is door to door and begins when the goods, properly packed, are removed at the origin (deposits of the exporter) to start shipping. That is, the place where the goods were saved until now, to be transferred immediately. The insurance ends when the goods are delivered to the final destination listed in the policy or when:

    • The goods are shipped to a destination which is not agreed in the contract of insurance
    • The goods were in the intermediate deposits for more than 60 days
    • The 60 days after unloading at the port of destination expires.
    • The title to the property of the goods is done.

Q: Our goal

We aim to protect the integrity of the transported goods from the place of origin to destination, including detentions in the normal course of transit.
In the above item, in case of imports or exports, the carriage of the goods may be carried by air, sea or land.
We offer the best protection for your business with extensive warranties and the best support service minimizing losses and making flexible the cost of the goods in order to you pay only the amount that you have insured.